Community and Personal Growth

Being a part of a community is a wonderful thing! In a community, there are many individuals from every walk of life that can offer you emotional support, lift you up, learn from, as well as in that community there are individuals that could use your words of wisdom, or that you can enlighten with your experiences and grow with.

As a valued member of your community, you’re able to achieve personal growth on a higher level. It’s often that individuals are able to achieve their goals when someone else is watching or assisting them because they value that individuals’ opinion above their own. In order to hold yourself accountable to your goals, actions and growth, joining a community is a great first step!

Support from others during hard times can go a long way and can offer you a sense of peace and guidance that you otherwise wouldn’t have. During times like these – COVID, unusual weather, uncomfortableness in our every day lives, etc. – we are able to connect with other people and know that we are not alone. That kind of support can be the difference between quitting your journey, or continuing toward your goals.

Personal growth is important and valuable in everyone’s life. While in the past, achieving personal growth has not been made easily widely accessible to everyone, GUIDE is offering a cost efficient (currently free) way for you to join a community and achieve your own personal growth. No matter what you’re working on – practices for growth and development, daily practice, spirituality advice – you are always welcome to build a life you love with the GUIDE community!