What Sets GUIDE Apart From Other Wellness Apps?

In our extensive user testing, we have achieved industry-leading results based on participants’ mental and emotional wellness, satisfaction, and retention.

Features & Benefits

All Content & Support FREE

The GUIDE App monthly subscription fee covers all features & benefits. There are no upcharges or in-app purchases required. All users have full access to the GUIDE course catalog, interactive small group support, and full range of GUIDE-exclusive features.


The GUIDE App was recently named a Mission Daybreak Finalist, and recognized by the VA as a Top-30 Solution (among 1,300 applicants) to address and improve Warrior wellness. GUIDE’s unique approach combines wellness wisdom, daily practice, and small group support to engage members. In a recent usage trial, 88% of participants engaged with the app daily, of which 90% reported satisfaction with their experience.

Individual Accounts

Unlike many of our competitors, the GUIDE app offers individual accounts for every member of your staff/team. This model delivers greater impact based on customized course delivery and individualized support. We provide each organization with detailed, anonymized reporting on individual usage and measurable impact.

User Intake Form

Our carefully curated intake questionnaire helps to identify which GUIDE coursework and practices will be most beneficial to the individual user. Allowing our members to exercise agency in choosing their personal development path results in more engaged users who benefit more measurably from the app.

Member Anonymity

Member profiles are completely anonymous – no identifying information is used within the platform, and personal user data is stored on a separate server, hosted by a third party company who utilizes the most advanced encryption and security software. This ensures that GUIDE has no direct access to any user’s personal identifying information.

Organization Anonymity

In the same way that in-app member identity and activity are rigorously protected, we also ensure that organizational identity and user activity are stored on separate servers. This practice allows us to maintain our industry-leading privacy and confidentiality standards.

Interactive Courses

GUIDE’s courses have been designed to actively engage each user. Rather than simply ingesting information, we invite users to engage with the material through thought-provoking journaling prompts and performing a meaningful daily practice that brings the content of each lesson to life.


Journaling prompts provided throughout each lesson help users to dive deep into the material. Rather than participating passively, GUIDE users are encouraged to become active participants in their own growth and development. Authenticity and vulnerability are encouraged, with the option to keep each journal entry private, or post it to the user’s small group for peer feedback, support, and insights.
In a 2006 research study out of Western Michigan University, nearly 100 adults spent 15 minutes journaling about a stressful event or their plans for the day. By practicing this journaling exercise just twice in a one-week period, participants experienced a noticeable reduction in symptoms including depression, anxiety, and hostility. These results were especially apparent among those who had described themselves as “very distressed” at the start of the study.

Daily Practice

GUIDE’s lessons incorporate an active daily practice that transforms theoretical concepts into practical actions with measurable positive impact. Our software was developed to assign lessons and practices based on each user’s unique needs, desires, and life circumstances.
Research has shown that daily practices like meditation, yoga, and gratitude journaling can help individuals become less reactive to negative emotions and build greater resiliency over time. GUIDE’s lessons and practices don’t just change minds, they transform lives.

In-App Peer Support/Small Groups

We’ve designed a peer support model, where small groups of users work together to build and refine their new skills. In these micro-communities, users maintain full anonymity, yet have the ability to share their journal entries, start conversations about course content, discuss daily practices, and support one another’s personal development goals and growth. By engaging with other users’ content in small groups, each member is able to learn and grow, not just through their own insights and daily practices, but also through the collective wisdom and experience of the group. Research shows that sharing goals, intentions, and insights with others increases accountability and growth outcomes.
Trained moderators (“Guides”) are present in each group to offer support, encouragement, guidance, and group moderation, and to create an environment of psychological safety.

Crisis Support

Our built-in SOS function connects users in need of acute support to local crisis resources that can best serve their needs. We also provide customized, agency-specific resources to your employees, and a directory of therapists, life coaches, and other localized support services.