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GUIDE is the only tool you need to build a life you love.

Using proven principles, innovative technology, and relevant expert resources, Guide encourages sharing a daily practice in a supportive, authentic community that empowers people to live their dreams.


Whether you’re out to achieve a goal or are clear on a greater purpose, The GUIDE App will help you gain clarity in what you’re out to create in life.

Daily Practice

It’s not what you do, it’s what you do daily. The Daily Practice is the heart of the system and an opportunity for you to reflect and get clear on what works and what doesn’t work in pursuit of your goals.

Action List

Small actions executed consistently over time, yield big results. GUIDE’s unique action list allow you to create, share and manage your todo list and will support you in creating the results you want most.

Wisdom Library

Gain insights for self-improvement through our comprehensive media library and graphs that provide you with the feedback you’ll need to monitor your results and expand your awareness.

The GUIDE community is comprised of growth-minded people that provide support, challenge, and guidance. These connections can be created online or as an extension of existing real-world relationships.


Get connected and grow with others who are out to build lives they love.


Share your daily practice within your communities to create support, accountability, and feedback.


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Community and Personal Growth

Community and Personal Growth

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