Wellness For Warriors in 15 Minutes a Day

GUIDE is a wellness app that has achieved industry-leading results based on participants’ mental and emotional wellness, satisfaction, and retention.
Wellness for Warriors

GUIDE’s mission is to empower our nation’s heroes to improve their well-being, master their lives, and unleash their highest potential.

In just 15 minutes a day the GUIDE app helps law enforcement officers, other first responders, veterans, and frontline workers to achieve their personal development goals by completing daily, expertly curated practices and participating in a supportive community of their peers.

Empower Your Well-Being with GUIDE

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Discover how the GUIDE App is revolutionizing wellness for first responders, veterans, and frontline heroes. Authored by Dr. Victoria Stewart and Dr. Keith Merron, the GUIDE Pilot Study White Paper offers valuable insights into enhancing mental, emotional, and physical health.
Key Highlights Include:
GUIDE Pilot Study White Paper

Mission Daybreak Finalist

Mission Daybreak
Mission Daybreak Finalist
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The GUIDE App was ranked as one of the top 30 wellness solutions to meet the diverse needs of Veterans by Mission Daybreak and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

"When I left the Navy in 2013, I felt like I lost my meaning in life. For years, I struggled with anxiety and depression, and it wasn't until I implemented GUIDE's daily practices that I began to see a change. The GUIDE App can be instrumental for Veterans to get a clear mind and discover new directions."
Chief Petty Officer Joseph Sabia
Chief Petty Officer Joseph Sabia
US Navy (Ret.)
"GUIDE provides a user-friendly platform for personal transformation and emotional wellness. After serving 25 years as a Pennsylvania State Trooper, GUIDE's intuitive methods enabled me to gain clarity and purpose in my post-law enforcement life. I am intimately familiar with the daily stressors involved with police work and how those stressors often go unaddressed. I highly recommend GUIDE App's micro-learning practices and peer support community for all law enforcement professionals."
Lieutenant Kevin J. Conrad
Lieutenant Kevin J. Conrad
Pennsylvania State Police (Ret.)
"I was stuck in a never ending cycle of highs and lows. I felt like I couldn't grab hold of my mental health or my life. Regularly engaging in exercises taught in the GUIDE App has allowed me to take back control of where my life goes. It has made me a better husband, son, brother, friend, and police officer."
Lance Corporal Peter Cordaro
Lance Corporal Peter Cordaro
US Marine Corps (Ret.) and Wilkes-Barre City Police Officer

In a recent survey of Warriors conducted by Penn State University 80% of respondents reported that they would use GUIDE if it was offered by their workplace.

Wellness For Warriors in the Workplace

Warrior Focused

We’ve done extensive research and development, conducted countless interviews with law enforcement officers, first responders, and veterans, and enlisted Tim Kelley, a pioneer in personal development who served in the Navy for over 20 years, to create helpful courses and proven practices to increase optimism, build resilience and mental strength, and improve job satisfaction.

Absolute Privacy

GUIDE’s first priority will be absolute anonymity. Not even GUIDE will know your true identity. All personal identifiable information is secured by an encrypted private key, held in confidence, and siloed separated from their chosen username. GUIDE will associate all statements, interactions, and assessments with each member’s username and not their true identity.

Community Support

We are a social wellness community that creates and emphasizes human connection and personal growth through peer support.

Regular Practice

Create growth, development, and maintenance of mental and emotional wellness through regular practice.


We use system logic and Artificial Intelligence to deliver the right exercises to the right person at the right time.

Measurable Results

GUIDE’s daily practices were hand-selected by our expert Team and Advisors and have been proven effective in field tests.