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GUIDE is a wellness app that has achieved industry-leading results based on participants’ mental and emotional wellness, satisfaction, and retention.

GUIDE’s mission is to empower people to improve their well-being, master their lives, and unleash their highest potential.

In just 15 minutes a day the GUIDE app helps you to achieve your personal development goals by completing daily, expertly curated practices and participating in a supportive community of your peers.
Purpose and Direction
Interactive Courses
Regular Daily Practice
Small Group Peer Support
Community, Daily Practice, and Wisdom
Community, Daily Practice, and Wisdom
Community, Daily Practice, and Wisdom

A network of people committed to both individual and collective growth fosters greater impact.

GUIDE’s community is comprised of growth-minded individuals who show up to provide one another with daily support, insights, and guidance for their personal development journey.

Connect: build community within a small group of peers who share common life experiences and are committed to personal growth.


Discuss your daily practice within your small group to spur conversation, find support, elicit feedback, and provide accountability.

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