GUIDE Daily Practice App Beta Approved for iOS and Android

SCRANTON, PA – March 3, 2020 – GUIDE has received approval for the initial version of its mobile app from both Apple and Google. The company is accepting a limited number of early beta users to help the company further develop the product and get it ready for a public launch. The app has the following benefits:

  • Enhanced well-being – 85% of participants in previous tests reported enhanced well-being just a few weeks into the trial.
  • Greater progress toward your goals – 50% of participants in previous tests reported having their best month ever in their focus area.
  • Increased passion.
  • More courage to take on life.
  • A supportive community committed to your success.
  • Best in class tools to help you build a life you love!


GUIDE is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Its mission is to awaken the power of human potential by making transformation available to everyone. Its promise is to help “build a life you love in 15 minutes a day.”

If you would like further information or to become a beta user in future tests, contact