Build A Life You Love in the New Year

Build A Life You Love in the New Year

At GUIDE, we believe that it only takes 15 minutes a day to Build A Life You Love. When you consistently practice and strive for greatness, you will achieve it. With GUIDE’s help, you can build a life you love through specialized course content (See New Year’s Resolution course), connect with a community on a journey similar to you, and review our Wisdom Library.

This New Year, while it might feel different than before, is still the same in the sense that you should be willing to improve yourself, even if it is only for yourself. Improving your life for anyone but yourself will ultimately lead you to not follow through to build healthy habits, only one off actions.

GUIDE has put together a course about picking a New Year’s Resolution that’s right for you, keeping that resolution, and how to track your resolution in our app in order to hold yourself accountable all year long. A resolution for change doesn’t have to be only once a year, however. Whenever you’re working on self improvement, or toward the achievement of anything, making a goal or resolution to work toward will better help you actually accomplish that goal. With the New Year’s Resolution Course inside the GUIDE Daily Practice app you will undoubtedly learn skills that you’ll be able to apply to other goals outside of choosing a resolution for New Years. Check out the other courses we are working on inside of the Courses folder, with accompanying information inside the Wisdom Library, for additional learning.

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Happy New Year!