Step Up Your Wellness Journey with GUIDE’s 35 New Courses!

Step Up Your Wellness Journey with GUIDE's 35 New Courses!

Great news from GUIDE! We are excited to announce the addition of 35 new courses to The GUIDE App, expertly crafted to enhance your wellness in just 15 minutes a day. Whether you want to improve your mental, emotional, or physical well-being, GUIDE offers the resources you need.

We’ve introduced 35 insightful and engaging new courses to The GUIDE App, focusing on topics such as teamwork, communication, fitness, and stress management. Whether you’re exploring meditation, seeking financial wisdom, or finding ways to navigate challenging times, we provide the support you need. These courses are thoughtfully designed to integrate seamlessly into your demanding lifestyle, empowering you to evolve and advance daily. Embark on a journey toward enhanced strength, knowledge, and equilibrium, one impactful lesson at a time.

Course Highlights

Collaboration and Relationships

Dive into “How To Be A Good Team Player” to master the art of effective teamwork, applicable in the different aspects of your life, from professional environments to personal relationships. Check out the rest of our new Collaboration and Relationships courses:

  • How To Be A Good Team Player
  • Nice vs Needs in a Relationship
  • Navigating Long-Distance Relationships
  • Yes, Adult Bullying is a Thing: Here’s What to Know
  • Parenting Tips

Communication, Self-Awareness, and Stress Reduction

Explore “Creating Connection” to enhance your communication skills, ensuring meaningful interactions where every voice is valued. Check out the rest of our new Communication, Self-Awareness, and Stress Reduction courses:

  • Creating Connection: A Guide to Holding Space and Preventing Unintended Hijacks
  • Core Wounds
  • Integrity
  • Healing The Vagus Nerve
  • Pet Therapy For Your Mental and Emotional Health
  • Acupressure for Stress and Anxiety
  • Benefits of Music Therapy
  • Unlocking Stress Relief with Home HeartMath® Techniques

Financial Wellness

Uncover the essentials of financial savvy with “Investing 101,” offering clear insights into making informed economic decisions for a secure future. Check out our new Financial Wellness course:

  • Investing 101: Understanding Investment Basics

Grief & Loss

In challenging times of loss, our “Grief Chronicles” series provides solace and strength, helping you navigate the complexities of grief with understanding and empathy. Check out the rest of our new Grief & Loss courses:

  • Grief Chronicles 4: The Ripple Effect of Secondary Losses and Their Impact
  • Grief Chronicles 5: Grief in Times of Joy and Positive Change
  • Supporting from Afar: Manifesting Connection with Deployed Loved Ones

Life Balance, Planning, and Purpose

“Beyond Mindset” offers strategies to harmonize different life facets, promoting a well-rounded approach to daily living. Check out the rest of our new Life Balance, Planning, and Purpose courses:

  • Beyond Mindset: The Untold Story of the Four Interior Empires
  • Frontline Mothers: Navigating Maternity Leave as a First Responder
  • Badge of Motherhood for First Responders: Finding Strength Postpartum
  • Retirement Blueprint for Heroes
  • The Ikigai Blueprint: Designing Your Ideal Life

Physical Wellness, Meditation, and Personal Power

Engage with courses like “How to Run a 5K” or “Weightlifting For Beginners” to activate a healthier lifestyle, enhancing your physical vitality and endurance. Check out the rest of our new Physical Wellness, Meditation, and Personal Power courses:

  • Meditating without Meditating
  • Choosing Abundance: Leveraging All Forms of Life’s Currency
  • Law of Attraction
  • Self-Guided Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) For Trauma
  • Mindful Deployment: Your Path to Inner Peace
  • Reframing Unhelpful Thoughts
  • What is a Flow State and How Do I Find it?
  • DIY Tools for Protecting and Restoring Your Personal Energy
  • Cold Water Therapy
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Benefits of Stretching for Beginners
  • How to run a 5K
  • Weightlifting For Beginners

These courses represent just a glimpse of what The GUIDE App has in store. Each one serves as a mini masterclass designed to enrich your life without overwhelming your schedule.

Ready to kickstart your wellness journey with GUIDE’s new courses? We’re here to help you get started!

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