The GUIDE App wants to help Police, Fire, EMS, and Military take control of their lives and wellbeing with regular, expertly curated practices, and a supportive community of heroes.

The GUIDE App is a digital platform that empowers Warriors (Police, Fire, EMS, and Military Professionals) to master their lives, unleash their highest potential, and thrive in any environment. GUIDE uses daily, micro-learning practices, inspired by teachings normally only available to top executives and professional athletes, combined with a peer support community to make it easy for you to get everything you want out of life.​

GUIDE App | Our Solution with a Focus on Veterans

Warrior Focused

We interviewed over 50 Police, Fire, EMS, and Military Professionals (“Warriors”) and recruited Tim Kelley, who served in the Navy for over 20 years and is a pioneer in personal development, to design the right practices, content, and user experience for you to build optimism, increase mental toughness, and improve job satisfaction.



We are a social wellness community that creates and emphasizes human connection and personal growth through peer support.

  • Members are encouraged to work together and
    refine skills, such as resiliency and a positive mindset.
  • Members can join small groups to share goals,
    intentions, and insights. This is proven to increase
    accountability and growth!
  • GUIDE creates a culture of caring that fosters
    authenticity and freedom of expression.



We use system logic and Artificial Intelligence to deliver the right exercises to the right person at the right time.

  • Content is customized for you with algorithms and
    AI according to each GUIDE member’s personal
  • We have partnered with some of the world’s top
    coaches and other wellness experts to add
    powerful content.
  • GUIDE combines multiple formats such as video,
    written, and visual to ensure learning remains

Absolute Privacy

GUIDE’s first priority will be absolute anonymity. Not even GUIDE will know your true identity. All personal identifiable information is secured by an encrypted private key, held in confidence, and siloed separated from their chosen username. GUIDE will associate all statements, interactions, and assessments with each member’s username and not their true identity.


Regular Practice

Create growth, development, and maintenance of mental and emotional wellness through regular practice.

  • GUIDE’s team of experts built a system of
    incentives, reminders, and features to help form
    healthy habits.
  • Proceed at your own pace; GUIDE users can do as
    much or as little as they choose.
  • In only 15 MINUTES A DAY you can create lasting
    change for yourself. The exercises are designed to
    be quick and convenient (micro-learning) while also
    being powerful and effective.



GUIDE’s daily practices were hand-selected by our expert Team and Advisors and have been proven effective in field tests.

  • The GUIDE App has helped members achieve
    personal growth, navigate life, and improve
  • In a recent test, 88% of members participated daily
    and 90% rated their experience as four or five stars
    (out of a possible five stars).