Guiding Veterans to
Living Lives They Love

GUIDE is a digital platform to address mental and emotional well-being so that every Veteran has a chance to build a life they love. We provide a digital platform that combines daily micro-learning practices and a peer support community for personal, professional, and community development. GUIDE helps Veterans resolve past trauma and skills gaps, thrive in their present life, and build a hopeful future.

We connect Veterans to Veterans in a safe, secure, digital platform empowering every Veteran to grow into their best self through a guided daily practice in a peer support community.

The GUIDE Team has already achieved success in four field tests and is currently planning building its market-ready App for scaled deployment across the United States. GUIDE began personalizing its services for the Veteran community in 2021 and aims to shift a Veteran’s growth trajectory from crisis intervention to community connection, mental well-being, self-acceptance, and service. In collaboration with Veterans, the GUIDE Team will build out a host of additional resources, tasks, courses, and peer groups that are specifically developed for Veterans and the unique challenges faced when transitioning from military service to civilian life.

We are planning our Veteran launch in 2023. 

GUIDE App | Our Solution with a Focus on Veterans